About Me


My name is Alejandro Juan García.

📡 Telecommunication Engineer specialized in Telematics by the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón - University of Oviedo (2012).

I consider myself a technology enthusiast, maker, tinkerer and breaker of toys (tearing them apart into pieces in seconds ^^) since I was a child seeking to know how and why things work 💡.

In my spare time, I try keep learning new technologies & develop some DIY projects. I 💗 Tech communities, that's the reason that led me to co-found (2018) a non-profit organization called MakersAsturias which aims to foster the STEAM education among young people and promote the access to technology for boys & girls.

As a Maker culture and philosophy lover, I've developed, published & shared few projects (Hackster, Instructables, GeekyTheory) with the community and also I'm very proud of have been part of a team of enthusiasts that managed to send a capsule to the stratosphere 👨‍🚀🚀, documenting the whole experience and process (ASHAB, 2016).

I'm currently interested in Industry 4.0, especially with Internet of Things (IoT) projects 🛰️📡 & solutions for Smart Cities.

I'm member of The Things Network where we aim to provide a crowsourced data connectivity network supported by citizens.

Oh...I almost forget it!!! I love nature and related sports: surfing 🏄‍♂️, hiking ⛰️ , mountain biking 🚵‍♂️, snorkel and diving 🤿

Last but not least... heavy/rock/progressive music 🤘 😄🤘 is my dope! Did not you realized before 😜?

If you would like to chat please do drop me an email

alexcorvis [at] gmail dot com


You can find me on Twitter 🐦

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